Join Rex and Dan in this episode of the Valhallagames podcast where we talk miniature photography (a LOT of miniature photography!). Note the show times below if you want to skip over parts that aren't relevant to you or your camera type.

In our usual segments we also talk hobby, plastic and metal lust and what we are reading and looking forward to playing.

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EP 13 "freeze-frame"
00:00:00 Intro
00:01:57 Break
00:03:40 Hobby catch up
(including Rex's rail yard project, Dan's battle for Berlin force and British Airborne paint & learn)
00:18:18 Break
00:19:40 Main topic "freeze-frame" - Part 0
Miniature photography introduction and background
00:21:33 Why do we take photos
Making sure you satisfy your end purpose
00:27:17 Photo composition, setting the scene
What makes a great photo, arrangement, just the miniature or in its environment. Improving the miniature environmental scene, lighting, backgrounds
00:58:21 Photo tech for ALL camera types, basic camera, DSLR & mirrorless)
"Exposing" your photos correctly (dark/light), "depth of field" how much is in focus
1:12:30 Big boys/girls cameras
Utilizing cameras where all the aspects of the shot are customizable (DSLR\Mirrorless)
1:30:16 Bonus content: Editing/developing, shooting [in the] RAW
1:35:52 Bonus content: Photography backups
1:38:02 Photography sum up
1:39:38 Break
1:41:04 "What are you reading" segment
Rex: Dan: &
1:54:10 Things that we are lusting after and things that we have bought lately (

Stay classy!

​Following are some example of our images, enjoy! :-)