Welcome to the first valhallagames "wandering monsters" episode. Wikipedia defines Wandering monsters as follows (don't worry I put them right on a couple of points by way of a re-edit):

Wandering monsters - sometimes called Random encounters - were a feature of Dungeons & Dragons from its beginnings in the 1970s, and persist in that game and its offshoots to this day. Random encounters are usually determined by the gamemaster by rolling dice against a random encounter table. These rules can often result in VERY random seemingly in appropriate and quite humorous encounters. A wandering monster is perhaps something that you don't want, definitely something that you didn't expect, but ALWAYS interesting. Source: Wikipedia... with edits :-)

We hope you enjoy this Dungeons & Dragons digression from our normal miniature wargaming adventures, (typically in WWII). We will be back to our scheduled program as soon as we have spooned over these Kobolds.

(Kobold; Small humanoid (kobold), Lawful Evil. Armor Class 12, Hit Points 5 (2d6-2), Speed 30 ft.)

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