UPDATE 19/10/2020: A warlord rep has confirmed this to be true.

I got an odd web survey invitation from Warlord Games. Almost as an answer to Dan's wish from the last podcast it seams as if Warlord might be looking to re-sculpt the British army minis. Those units do look a bit dated in my opinion and they could do with a refresh, here are some screen shots from the survey I'm not sure how many people received this it may have been warlords entire online store database in which case most people would have seen this anyway. My thoughts along with the images below.

In summary, Dear Warlord games, if you build it I will come. [buy]

Continued below...

Here is the survey email.
Starts off with a question about how many army's you own. Obviously the answer is not enough yet
Box shot of the existing box
Sales qualification question about the box shot
More of a general marketing question, perhaps they are *not* launching a new box??
Same [old] Box shot (slight "Muppet" legs included)
Price qualifying question, this is an interesting one given that its currently 90 pounds. I do note that the British Airborne Starter Army is only 50 pounds (without a tank), I think that's a better entry price to be honest. You can always pick up a tank later.

That's it, no more information let us know in the comments if you think a newly sculpted British army is coming or if you think I'm reading too much into it?