Rex, Daniel and I ( Dan) all went to MOAB for the 2 Day Bolt Action event, September  27th & 28th 2018.

This was Rex's first event and coincided with his Birthday also...a worthy reason to take part and for me to fly over and spend some time with the whole family prior. We ended up oddly taking a Fallshirmjager army each! One being themed around Normandy, and the other the battle of Primosole Bridge in Sicily.

We had a cracking time, 5 rounds of fun but tough fought games, on great terrain/tables and fantastic blokes who we played. Thank you to Bryan and Andrew as the  great TO's especially Bryan, who dealt with our early enquiry so i coukd ensure we had tickets and helped with local accomodation before buying the plane ticket over! 

Thanks To our opponents, their great armies, and all those who provided the tables and terrain we fought over!

We will be doing a Podcast on the event, so this is just an opportunity to post some accompanying photos! One or two are shared from the Australia/New Zealand Bolt action group page , so thanks and credit goes to the photographers for these.

  Enjoy the photos and Join us on our forthcoming podcast...Will we be fighting with Storming Eagles or Lame Ducks??...!! tune in soon and find out......!!

Rex's Normandy FJR-3 Army
Dans FJR-3 Sicily army