So at this exact time last year; the beginning of my xmas holidays I started a scorecard of what id painted in the year. 

I admit to not always being current in updating it , but heres the finished list, as its been a year and i will start the 2020 scorecard as of now.


  • 2 x King Tigers
  • 3 x Tiger 1's
  • 1 x German Opel Blitz canvas canopy/sideboards (interchangeable with existing passenger open back one)
  • 24 Italian Coastal Defense Division infantry ( Based by Rex- thank you!)
  • 2 x Italian heavy weapons teams
  • 1 x Italian Artillery piece incl. 3 crew and spotter
  • 15 x German FJ in smocks
  • 9 x German FJ Tropical fatigues
  • 17 x Late war German Heer infantry
  • 7 x Early war Heer '88 crew
  • 1 x Heer kwk 5 cm static gun and crew
  • 25 x  British paratroopers
  • 1 x Wehrmacht citroen staff car


  • 1x Italian Church
  • 1x Stone Bridge
  • 1.5 m2 of teddy bear fur hay and grass fields
  • Painted ONLY; 1x medium (!) Hill ( Made by Rex)
  • Painted ONLY; 1x small (!) Hill ( Made by Rex)
  • 1 x table worth of textured flexible rural roads
  • 1 x street barricade ( ponys, mattress, crate & sandbags)
  • 2 x concrete pillboxes
  • 1 x box Girder 'Primosole' Bridge ( Yes- I made and painted another one! Lol)
  • 30 x 'infantry dug in' entrenchments terrain pieces
  • 12 x urban rubble piles
  • 20 low stucco wall sections
  • 24 stone, wattle and wood fence/wall sections
  • 1 potting conservatory
  • 1 wrecked opal blitz with box loads
  • 8 various field entrenchments
  • 2 urban barricades
  • 1 x Tobruk bunker for static german gun
  • 5 x sandbag gun pits.

I dont think thats a bad list considering the amount of time i spend away ‚Äčand in the field in my job as well as working shifts whilst instructing  our trainees ..its one thing to  say one 'doesnt have time' its another to really physically not be with your models and hobby equipment for large chunks of the year, so...i think a job well done! 

I will start my new list as of now and keep anyone who cares updated on here!