Around my wargames room in 80 days -Dan

So, on looking around my wargames room's display shelves after unpacking some carry cases full of miniatures I have come to the conclusion that 'out of sight is out of mind' truly is a thing, especially with those wargamers who have a  strong collector's streak!

I have oodles of projects still to be finished, but I'm concentrating on whats sitting on the shelves undercoated , or assembled etc. 

Its a mix of historical ( mostly WW2) stuff, with a good sprinkling of 40k and Warhammer fantasy battle ( not that god awful Age of Sigmar though!) thrown in for good measure! Didn't know I was into other stuff? I  have quite considerable 40k and Fantasy armies actually! I will drop a pic below. 

I also had  a great haul on Trade me which is our version of 'gumtree' or other local/national buy and sell page type website...picked up a whole haul of die cast vehicles ( pic shown below) for $11 New Zealand! After looking at the pic i figured I couldn't lose...either the schwimmwagons were the correct size and everything else was about 1:72 or 1:100 scale. or everything else was the correct size ( unlikely!) and they were too big...turned out the first statement was true...and what a match!! see the other pic of the comparison with a completed Rubicon model below-perfect!!! Excuse the grainy photos, as the first was a screenshot from the website and the other was taken just now at night. YUCK ..but you get the idea. setting myself a challenge; see how much of the stuff on my shelves i can paint around my wargames room  in eighty days. I was going to start this immediately before the army decided to send me away for  the best part of a month, so I only got three days in ( having painted the first model on the list below which was filmed for a video on you tube- check it out), but I'm continuing the challenge from tomorrow minus those 3 days, so 77 days from now means...27th of October. Thats my finish date.

  I know i wont get it all with many of the challenges I set myself I will try to 'shoot for the moon, land among the stars!' and see what i can actually manage!! 

Heres the list of stuff that needs to be painted:

 Tropical  FJ for our book's  " How to paint tropical Fallschirmjager" video, linked to our you tube page- DONE!!!

British  M7 Priest SPG

5 x D&D Characters

1x goat, 2 x Cows, 1 mule, 1 German shepherd, teddy bear

FJ and pack mule

Para chaplain and chaplain

5 dak infantry vehicle mounted

1 British airborne morris 

3 British airborne jeeps ( various patterns & 2 trailers)

12 British airborne vehicle crew.

4 x Brit airborne containers

2 parachute canopies on ground

1 skaven engineer

12 skaven stormvermin

10 empire huntsmen

1 empire Hellstorm rocket battery and crew

1 empire musician/bear mascot

5 empire outriders

4 x Luftwaffe tropical ground crew

German marder III gun and crew

German schwimmwagon x 3 

Assemble and paint UNIC P107 half track

Lorraine Shlepper

Repair SS tank rider MG42

Vampire counts roadshrine

Mussolini and Skorzeny

Greater Demon of Khorne

German Vampire officer

27 Offensive,empress and westwind German Battle of Berlin 'last levy'

Repair ruined keep, broken masonry

3 x SW Landspeeders

Arjac rockfist

Njarl Stormcaller termi and power armour

SW Iron Priest on foot and mounted torso


18 Bloodclaws

SW HQ landraider

SW Rhino

2 x lascannon longfangs

12 plastic FJ

6 westwind FJ with P/Fausts

6 SS pioneers

7Luftwaffe Field Regt 88 crew.

2 x Hungarian infantry

Soviet flag at Reichstag vignette

4 x metal offensive FJ

So thats what im going to be up to everyone...wish me luck, ill post updates as I go.

Talk soon, Dan 

Some of my 40k work
the 'Trade me' haul that yielded 2 Schwimmwagons ( central to pic)
2 x 'PlayArt' brand die cast schwimmwagons either side of a Rubicon 1/56 model
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The Battle for Primosole Bridge Update #15

Hi All! 

On 13th July (the 79th Anniversary of Op. Fustian) here's your latest update on "The Battle For Primosole Bridge" campaign book; 

So far, the book has reached Australia UK, and parts of the US...feel free to post on social media and tag us in when it arrives!
We are very pleased and proud to say its been well received, and the first video reveal has been done by Rhys at 'Sounds Of Battle', you can find it here;

For those who have envious friends wanting to borrow your copy, there is limited stock available to purchase via... 

...for anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter.

Customers can purchase the book from our web store its AU $55 + freight (from Australia). If your freight zone/country is not listed let us know so we can get it loaded for you- The web site is just out of the shrink wrap so ANY issues at all let us know!

As of the time of writing, there are 4 Kickstarter books haven't been sent yet as we are waiting for addresses!!! We have emailed you direct in the last couple of days, hopefully you're on an epic extended holiday- when you get back, let us know your address ASAP please!!  :-).

For those of you that have already let us know your copies have arrived, thank you! And we look forward to honest and constructive feedback on strengths and any 'work on' opportunities you feel there are for future projects- those of you on social media, you tube etc, please feel free to share these with us and others also as it will help others recognise our brand and keep an eye out for future projects from Valhalla Games! 

Kind Regards,

Dan and Rex

Its not often that one gets promoted to Sergeant on the day your personal copy of our first book arrives in the post!! Happy Op. Fustian Anniversary everyone!! Dan.
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The Battle for Primosole Bridge Kickstarter update #9

We hope this update finds you safe and well wherever you are.

Rex has done amazing work on the (Now finished!) additional table for the book...we can reveal now that Rex has made an additional table for the initial assault on the bridge and which also stars in many of the detailed close up shots in other scenarios within the book.

I think it looks amazing, and Rex has really outdone himself yet again- you are in for a treat! That means you are going to see TWO versions of Primosole Bridge in the book- one representative and one closer to scale. The first photos from this new board are REALLY impressive!!

The Hobby section has now been expanded greatly from what was first envisaged also, with extra detail being invested into the detail of how to build terrain for the campaign and how to build up an impressive table layout for your games and/or photography of them in progress!

Wargames Atlantic have informed us that the free plastic Italian sprues are also winging their way in freight to us ready for inclusion with your book!! Thanks WA!

Now for the not so good news; The transit time of the final shipment of miniatures to Rex for photography was grossly outside our timeframes we had planned. Previous shipments for the book under the same shipping constraints have taken approx. A week, with 10 days maximum. This shipment took almost FIVE WEEKS.

Added to this, the printers have asked for an additional editing/production process for our images prior to printing. Rex has been working on our existing images night and day, but still has some yet outstanding. It also means additional work on the final photographs too.

The fact the final photography has been delayed almost a month, and now there is additional work for each of those photos has really damaged our print and dispatch schedule.

We had planned to be dispatching the book before end of April, but for these reasons we need to push this date back. We do not want to have any further issues that mean we need to do this again, however, and so we would rather make a bigger correction now and ensure we are within this new timeframe.

To that end, we now have had to push back the forecasted dispatch date to no later than the end of June.

We are sorry for the delays and hope you can understand given the delays above. We are working hard behind the scenes to make this book have the WOW factor, and are disappointed that events have conspired to foil us with the finish line so close.  

Thank you to all of you who have been in touch with us with excited news of your hobby progress in preparation for the book, such as having printed off your free STLs and progress on new armies for the campaign...your enthusiasm is also inspiring to us! 

Talk soon! Dan & Rex, Valhalla Games.

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'The Battle for Primosole Bridge' Kickstarter update #8

Well, here we are...arriving at the first of our 'final times'...the last time we do a particular activity in prep for the books production ...

The final (planned!!) miniatures required for the book have been finished. You can see a small selection of them above being lovingly bubble wrapped for their jetsetting holiday over to Australia for photography!
It's been pretty intense fitting in the painting of these, but we wanted the best job possible of course for the book for you. And we are very proud to say some our closest working relationships with Figure manufacturers have resulted in having some figures that are as yet unreleased and getting their first showing in our book....check out some spoilers in the pic above....!

Within the book we have been doing the seemingly endless task of receiving back edits to be made...dutifully reworking text, making corrections  We've also been working on- and finally resolved- the revolutionary way of listing units in multi-scenario selectors within the book, saving 20 pages of almost identical selectors! These points and the remainder of the work we've been doing around the editing has been cutting fat and leaving just the great content for you.

In regard to the free gifts for the book Backers;

STLs have been sent within emails to all the Kickstarter backers (if you didn't get the email let us know at:, along with the contact details for WOW Buildings in case there are technical questions or other queries regarding the files.

STLs for the pre-order customers should be sent in the next 24 hours

The Final wargames Atlantic sprue numbers have gone to them for production and supply of the sprues to us.

In other news; while continuing his work on the (currently unrevealed) realistic scale battle board that will provide photos for the book ( and hopefully a board with which to attend some wargames shows/events sometime in our future!) Rex decided he needed some blockhouses and barricades. Having designed them for 3D printing, Rex has decided decided to share them here with you..... for free!;

So follow the link and print some off ( or get someone to do it for you and buy them a beer!) and get yourself set up for your scenarios when you receive your book!

In the 'background' but very much at the forefront of our minds and driving our timelines, we've been refreshing our quotes and checking lead-time with the printers.

Spread the word: pre-orders still open ( despite the free STL and sprue deal having finished due to our deadlines for those suppliers-apologies!), so if you want a copy, reach out and we will let you know how you can  place your order.!

There's a couple of weeks of hard work and immersion in the written content for the book as final editing is ongoing. Following that we have final photography and working through further logistical demands. Thanks for staying there with us in this journey- some of this stuff isn't the sexy/glamourous/exciting news to show and tell you about...BUT it is essential work to add polish to this production, and we hope in some small way you enjoy hearing about this in order to feel informed and reassured of the professional work going into the book.

Thank you and we will update you again in a couple of weeks time with another update! 


Dan and Rex

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Kickstarter Update 2 - 'The battle for Primosole Bridge'

 WOW! Thank you everyone who has backed "The Battle for Primosole Bridge" already, and thank you for your interest to anyone who has just found our project and is here to find out more...

We certainly didn't imagine we would be at almost 200% funded at half way through the campaign! Thanks very much for your confidence in the book.

We continue to work doing editing and additional final photography for the book. Another load of miniatures is winging its way ( Airborne of course!) from New Zealand to Australia for further photography as we continue to capture images that fulfil our vision of bringing each element of the battle to life. We were confident we were on the right track even before we revealed some of the books images to you for this campaign- and now you've shown you are as excited by our work as we have been to bring it to you, we are so excited for all the images and content that you haven't yet seen in the previews!

We only have some 14 days to go!! If you are reading this and you haven't secured your copy yet, or your buddy is keen but has lost track of the time... now's your time to get that order in before the start of the busy festive season.

Perhaps Santa might bring some wargamers The Battle for Primosole Bridge? If he wanted to here is the link:

Don't tell Rex... a quick workbench phone camera snap of paratroopers manning a captured Elefantino gun before sending to Rex for proper stills for the book!!
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DLI Infantry in Sicily. A new army for CoC & Bolt Action

So here's the first squad (plus) of a new army. In this case; men of the Durham Light Infantry in Sicily '1943.

It has to be said though, that they will have a dual purpose as representing New Zealanders in summer dress in the Italian mainland campaign.

The figures are Warlord games plastics; British and Canadian infantry 43-45. But i have kitbashed parts from their 8th army box set, mainly the weapon arms in shirtsleeves. After doing so, the sword bayonets needed to be exchanged for 'pig sticker' bayonets to be correct.

There are also some other parts from various Warlord Games' kits in there...can you spot them?!? Answers on a stamped, self-addressed envelope...;)

Now...where are those British airborne I need to finish...? (there's always British airborne to be finished!!)

Stay safe and keep your brushes moving. Regards, Dan.
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The Guerilla Painter strikes again

​One does whatever is required to get the figures onto the table... 

This is the result of hoteliers thinking that their guests all want "mood" lighting and not proper lights anywhere in their rooms ...except the bathroom apparently! 

  That and neighbouring guests snoring so loudly that I firstly couldn't get to sleep and then second; woke up at 0520.

  And yes...although I'm away for work who DOESN'T take figures and paint away with them??!!?? The answer is , of course; the wargamers who look back and wish they'd spent a couple of hours in their hotel bathrooms painting last night and this morning.

  And YES of course it turns out  I'd left a couple of colours at home that i wish I'd brought with me- its traditional for the guerilla painter! But its great to be getting layers on and making some progress while sensibly leaving the areas I wanted to leave for my painting hobby  light/magnifying glass such as faces etc. 

   Apologies ...but now you'll understand and hopefully forgive me for the poor lighting and slightly blurry images!

  Stay classy, Dunedin colorblind  Hedgehog bathroom-painting collective. 


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"No Surrender 2020" Bolt Action Event.

​The No surrender Event was held a couple of weeks ago here in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

We have this event and my ( Dan) games as a feature in our next podcast, to be released soon to ( firstly) our Patrons via Patreon. Then soon afterward as a general release on your favourite podcast app and afterward, our Youtube channel. Check it out! If you are interested in receiving content such as this early and would like to help support us please feel free to click on the link on our homepage and check out our Patreon.

  Heres the pics to follow along with the podcast to find out whats going on...i better not spoil the results or fun here!! ;) 

Heres a ( poor! ) pic of my Soviet army laid out, and then a a closer shot of the vehicles i received and painted to tabletop standard quickly to get onto the table for the event
the "Tunisian" table...our battlefield for game 1; German Heer & SS vs Soviets
The "cratered" table...scene of my second game; Soviet Naval troops with armoured support vs my Soviet infantry based force
dog mines close in on their targets..whilst the burned out hulk of the SPG- that the other dog mine team has destroyed -stands witness the the battle of the grassy knoll!!!

​Game 3 vs a veteran Japanese Infantry army ..back on the Tunisian table.

Onto Day 2..starting with a Game on the "Bocage" table shown below;

And Finally...Back to the Tunisian table for the final game vs Regular British Late -war infantry...

So thats it everyone...tune in to the podcast for results and details! Thanks and we look forward to us joining us then. Dan.


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Good Progress made..SS Reinforcements.

Needing To build upon the Waffen SS army that ive been working on so they can provide suitable enemy forces to my allies, I have been forging ahead, using the outside chance that I might get to Sydney for MOAB this year ( should it be run in the current COVID 19 circumstances!-Kids of the future ask your parents ;) as a deadline/ impetus to get the job done while in lockdown.

  Latest additions are some SS tank riders from the always-fantastic Offensive miniatures, and a pair of Rubicon models. I added the sdkfz 250/9 upgrade kit (also from Rubicon) as id always admired the build, and then having played against one in my chain of command game at Lard Island vs Richard Clark it looked so fantastic on the table i had to get one myself! 

The deliveries arrived the same day...

Once armed it was full steam ahead to get the models put together. This was honestly the ONLY time ive ever had an issue using my plastic glue on the Rubicon models. I DID get the plastic magic glue as a back up purely due to the fact i couldnt get any trusty citadel glue. But my issue was the application of said plastic magic..Honestly; the bushes provided coupled with the fact the level of the glue is so low they barely make contact, then the glue dries barren so fast i just gave up! and later i did regret it; various parts didnt glue as well as previously.

I really cant complain as they quite clearly state this may be the case. Its just that IVE never had this issue before with citadel glue. never mind, got there in the end.

BTW- the pick in the pioneer tools on the opposite side to the photo shown below?..dont bother. it sits awkward on the stowage box on that side &  the hole guides they tell you to drill out are too big. MEH...leave it off and consider it stowed elsewhere from sight.

Incidentally; if you are wondering or had missed it ; YES! the 250/251 autocannon upgrade kits let you make  2 turrets each with cannon; 1x 250 alte , PLUS either a 250 Neu OR 251/23. good value. so ive kept the remainder so i can make a 250 NEU, as i believe the 251/23 wasnt actually produced except prototype. 

The schwimmwagon was lovely to put together also. Another fine model from Rubicon. One  suggestion i would have is leave the double-pioneer tools (on the side facing us in this pic) off until you apply paint and then the load /weight decal and then superglue the tools on. I didnt do this- my vehicle like many doesnt have the painted details intact. no issues. but if you want to apply the decal then try my suggestion perhaps.

I grabbed another vehicle i needed to spray up and got out my long-suffering airbrush and whipped up some;

Dunkelgelb ( VMA Dark yellow), zenithal  highlights adding a tiny bit of ivory to the 'gelb.

Green camo; Tamiya NATO green

Brown Camo; VMC Flat Brown / Chocolate brown in a 66/33- ish!  ratio .

i used some blisterpack sponge and chipped with;  

firstly; the dunkelgelb mixed with a little VMC Ivory...just enough to stand out slightly against both the dunkelgelb base and the areas of the zenithal highlight also.

then when dry; VMC Black grey was  sponged on.

 A Burnt umber oil wash was used in a 'standard' way that scale modellers use to define detail and plates of armour etc. 

When everything was done, then all the details painted in to satisfaction, i used Tamiya TS80 flat clear spray ( as i always do!) to seal and knock back the sheen from the  thinner from the wash and the paints themselves. I love this varnish. it doesnt kill the vibrancy of the colours but makes the model lovely and Matt- try it! 

( The Borgward Wanze only got the green cam for a last levy cam pattern)

Its a shame that this schimmwagon kit didnt come with any plastic sheet to create a windscreen. I dont know if Rubicon provide that with other light vehicles. I did have some spare from warlord opel blitz kits but of course- id just used it elsewhere! never mind; at the moment mines kicked out following damage, and ill add one later if i wish.

Heres some staged pics;

The subtle mud effect on the vehicles like all the ones i have done on this army are the "Vallejo Environment" product 73.826 "Mud and Grass", and a dusting from tamiya weathering makeup kit of dark sand and sand just to pick out tyre treads etc. 

Ive left the pair of optional pintle MGs of the swimmwagon at the moment, i can add them if i choose they just slip in and out of the pintle.

The tank riders work is underway and i aim to finish them off in the next few days.

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When a Fail isnt a Fail...

​Well, the holiday period is a memory of a long time ago in a galaxy far far away for all of us now! Remember holidays?! neither.

However, as followers will note, I decided to make a crazy commitment to paint 12 seperate sets of models in my "Twelve days of Xmas " blogpost i did immediately before Christmas. How did I do?!!?....

Well; I failed. 

BUT; Did I ? in the post-new years resolution semi apocalyptic wasteland of Mid February, where guess many people are regrettably feeling down- I actually dont! Why? because i set a massive bold target that was always going to be a big ask. With the ethos that anything worth doing is worth overdoing, i threw myself into the task and achieved WAAAAAY more than i possibly would have if i hadnt made a public announcement of crazy intent!!

Between travelling to a seperate piece of the country, enjoying family time over the holidays  and then getting deployed to an exercise mid/late Jan i was hamstrung for carting large pieces of terrain and tanks on my paint list away. But, excuses aside, i feel like i 'shot for the moon and landed among the stars' anyway with the quantity i did get done. so without further ado heres what i got done;

Hope you agree and maybe you can relate or you might find it helpful to take another look at some of your projects you feel you 'Failed' at yourself and see them in a more positive light...remember its fun not life or death, and if you had a great holiday but ALSO suprised yourself with better productivity due to the challenge, then its got to be good for you! so i AM planning to do the "12 days of xmas " challenge again next xmas- whos with me??!!?

Regards, Dan.

1; FJ pak 40
2: Pz IV and Pz III
4: Commercial Italian Buildings ( Front view)
4; And the same from the rear.
5: The pieces from the ( ammended) 5 that were finished - pontoon bridge and french style fountain
6: German Heer HQ models ( substituted the sniper model in for the original refuelling model from the pledge post )
7; ( Unfinished) Warhammer quest character and creature models..minotaurs were mostly done.. and 9: Warhammer Quest doorways
10; Transported WW2 German Heer troops, magnetised for stability and removal.
11. ( changed) Eleven British Airborne casualties / paras getting canopies under control after landing/ LMG gunner with captured MG42.
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Dans Painting scorecard 2019

So at this exact time last year; the beginning of my xmas holidays I started a scorecard of what id painted in the year. 

I admit to not always being current in updating it , but heres the finished list, as its been a year and i will start the 2020 scorecard as of now.


  • 2 x King Tigers
  • 3 x Tiger 1's
  • 1 x German Opel Blitz canvas canopy/sideboards (interchangeable with existing passenger open back one)
  • 24 Italian Coastal Defense Division infantry ( Based by Rex- thank you!)
  • 2 x Italian heavy weapons teams
  • 1 x Italian Artillery piece incl. 3 crew and spotter
  • 15 x German FJ in smocks
  • 9 x German FJ Tropical fatigues
  • 17 x Late war German Heer infantry
  • 7 x Early war Heer '88 crew
  • 1 x Heer kwk 5 cm static gun and crew
  • 25 x  British paratroopers
  • 1 x Wehrmacht citroen staff car


  • 1x Italian Church
  • 1x Stone Bridge
  • 1.5 m2 of teddy bear fur hay and grass fields
  • Painted ONLY; 1x medium (!) Hill ( Made by Rex)
  • Painted ONLY; 1x small (!) Hill ( Made by Rex)
  • 1 x table worth of textured flexible rural roads
  • 1 x street barricade ( ponys, mattress, crate & sandbags)
  • 2 x concrete pillboxes
  • 1 x box Girder 'Primosole' Bridge ( Yes- I made and painted another one! Lol)
  • 30 x 'infantry dug in' entrenchments terrain pieces
  • 12 x urban rubble piles
  • 20 low stucco wall sections
  • 24 stone, wattle and wood fence/wall sections
  • 1 potting conservatory
  • 1 wrecked opal blitz with box loads
  • 8 various field entrenchments
  • 2 urban barricades
  • 1 x Tobruk bunker for static german gun
  • 5 x sandbag gun pits.

I dont think thats a bad list considering the amount of time i spend away ​and in the field in my job as well as working shifts whilst instructing  our trainees ..its one thing to  say one 'doesnt have time' its another to really physically not be with your models and hobby equipment for large chunks of the year, so...i think a job well done! 

I will start my new list as of now and keep anyone who cares updated on here! 



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" On the 12 days of Christmas, my paint queue gave to me....."

Not a day by day mission, but i do commit to painting the following by 31st January;

12 River sections....
11 Kreigsmarine and boat
10 germans on a transport...
9 warhammer quest doorways...8 Octagonal Octopii ...( nah not really, but I didnt have 8 of anything, so ive got a secret terrain project from gods of the number 8....!)
7 Questing characters
6 German HQ..
5 sets of scatter terrain...
4 Mediterranean Buildings...
3 T-34/85s ...
2 German Tanks....
And an FJ Pak 40 in a pear treeeeeeeeee......!!Hope everyone else has got some plans that involve some painting or hobby projects in some spare time these holidays. Regards, Dan.
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75 years anniversary, Op. Market Garden.

 75 years anniversary, Op. Market Garden....

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Friday Photo; Into the sky via the sea.

German Arado AR196 Floatplane prepares for a sortie somewhere in the med. theatre. The  ground crew have checked all is secure on the trolley and its towcable system, and the aircrew prep for takeoff. The Arado was used by German, Italian, Vichy French and Japanese forces during WW2 and proved valuable for reconnaisance around coastlines and naval actions in particular...some were even used to Fly into Berlin and land on waterways in parks, rivers etc to bring in whatever was possible at the fall of the Reich.
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Forward a week ; to the past....!

In the quest to play something different and offer a chance for my regulat gaming buddy Dave to get a game with his Pike & Shotte , we moved from my FJ playing his IJA in bolt action last week to Me playing Royalists in a game of English Civil War ( ECW) Pike & Shotte this week. It was fun to be doing something different and learning ( well-sort of , despite Dave being a good teacher haha!) A new game. 

It was good to find out that P&S is  very similar to Black Powder , a game i intend on purchasing and playing properly in the future...but a little disconcerting that i played it as poorly as a drunk stick insect conducting the 'Last night of the proms"!! 

  However; another positive thing was how great Daves armies looked ranked up..made me long for that Warhammer Empire army on the certainly whet the appetite and nice that my suspicion i missed ranked unit movements and bonuses such as  flank attacks etc having gravitas in regards to combat, etc etc. Bodes well for my Black Powder purchase in the future. 

  Thanks Dave, Thanks for having two armies ready to go, and bringing all the gear to play including period scenery of your own!! It felt great to help someone play a ruleset no one has helped him play before..a good feeling for any of us to have that reciprocal social contract fulfilled for sure.

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Review & Build; Mediterranean Village Town Hall

 Join Dan as he assembles and reviews the Med. Town Hall from Things From the Basement. available here;

This vid contains a tutorial of applying stucco texture to buildings and painting to a high standard for your tabletop- all suitable for a range of periods, scales and games.
We hope you enjoy this; if you do please "Like" , Subscribe and share this with others. Dan & Rex.

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Friday Photos; Size matters....or does it?

​I found these images hiding away and wanted to share them so you could compare the corgi SDKFZ 7 with the warlord games resin.

I think youll agree that at eye level and side- by -side theres a pretty obvious difference...
As is the difference from the top if they are immediately next to each other, again....
...BUT; How great do they look here..approx 7-8 inches apart?!!

I think youll agree those look more than comfortable sitting next to each other on the table top..but how about when we add the infantry next to them? Perry? Warlord? Artizan? Offensive? Hmmmm......

So ; heres my point for us. And a challenge to Rex for the next WIP podcast;

Scale. In particular the challenges of 28mm 'scale' wargaming.  

Why cant we have nice things? why do we fight like cats in a bag over the size of models -especially vehicles and armour - to use?

I have a lot to say on the subject, and hopefully some of it might not even bore you! 

We have the next episode 'In the Can' and almost ready to go, but this ones 'stood in the door' as our topic for the following podcast. 

Have a great weekend team and get some games in!! 


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The Cost of Freedom

Rest In Peace. 

Private "Bobby" Johns, The Parachute Regiment. Joined up to fight when aged only 14 years old. 

K.I.A in Normandy, aged 16, 75 Years ago. 

Utrinque Paratus.

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Bolt Action D Day 75th Battle Prep; The Finished British Airborne.

Even more

Latest Podcast

Icon Pod
Latest Video
Icon Vid2

So Here are my British Airborne after the additional models I added as my "Reasonable Hobby Challenge" goal...and YES ! They were ready ( two days before the 6 June deadline!) and descended from the skies by parachute and glider in our D Day 75th club game 8-9 June 2019. Hope you enjoy getting a good look at them, and look forward to the video being published of the D Day anniversary weekend event. Thanks for watching!

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Bolt Action D Day 75th Battle Prep; Update 3- Almost there!

 Bolt Action D Day 75th Battle Prep; Update 3- Almost there!

The latest update, including the finished work so far! Join me as i talk you through some more tips & how i finish off my British Airborne in 28mm or 1/56 scale. Thanks for watching! As usual please Like, share and subscribe and leave your feedback. Thanks! Dan

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Podcast EP22: Campaign book INCOMING:

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Podcast EP22: Campaign book Kickstarter - INCOMING.

Although other podcasts have done (and will do!!) a fantastic job of asking us the hard questions about the new The Battle for Primosole Bridge Campaign book (the Kickstarter is just days away now). Dan and I thought we had better say something ourselves on the subject :-).

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