‚ÄčOne does whatever is required to get the figures onto the table... 

This is the result of hoteliers thinking that their guests all want "mood" lighting and not proper lights anywhere in their rooms ...except the bathroom apparently! 

  That and neighbouring guests snoring so loudly that I firstly couldn't get to sleep and then second; woke up at 0520.

  And yes...although I'm away for work who DOESN'T take figures and paint away with them??!!?? The answer is , of course; the wargamers who look back and wish they'd spent a couple of hours in their hotel bathrooms painting last night and this morning.

  And YES of course it turns out  I'd left a couple of colours at home that i wish I'd brought with me- its traditional for the guerilla painter! But its great to be getting layers on and making some progress while sensibly leaving the areas I wanted to leave for my painting hobby  light/magnifying glass such as faces etc. 

   Apologies ...but now you'll understand and hopefully forgive me for the poor lighting and slightly blurry images!

  Stay classy, Dunedin colorblind  Hedgehog bathroom-painting collective.