Having completed an entire podcast on clear-coat (here), I thought I would take Dan's advice an purchase a can of Tamiya TS-80 flat clear-coat. I gave it a try and it went well, having taken that medication (or placebo) I felt all better and have been enjoying the TS-80 flat and "not-so-much-colour-knockback" effect. Recently though I painted up 3 of the exact same mini and I thought it would be worth while doing a more objective test. Below are three soviet squad leaders looking out across the broken cityscape for danger in the form of enemy in grey. Click on the image for the supersized version. The minis are clear-coated as follows:

  • One is sprayed with Testers Dullcoat
  • One is sprayed with Tamiya TS-80
  • One has not had any clear top coat at all

What do you think, can you notice the difference? Can you pick which is which? Do you have a preference?

A couple of things to say; Sure its not very scientific, its only in one light source. The light source is defused from a "softbox". Although I painted them all at the same time I seam to have used a different technique for the center one with the brushstrokes (sorry about that) but let me know your thoughts and I will let you know the answer.
And here is the result. Check the belt buckles for any difference.