The good the bad and the ugly of mass army painting:

OK I admit it I love skirmish games for a number of reasons but tonight's painting efforts have revealed just one more reason.

  • The good; my painting has improved each new army puts the last to shame so that's a good thing. Still plenty of room to improve but heading in the right direction.
  • The bad (and good); bad news is that these new plastic Northern Alliance Clansman from mantic games are too good! The amount of detail is amazing, sure that's a good thing but its going to take a huge amount of time to paint them.
  • The ugly; how will I ever get a full Kings of War army painted with this level of detail? Did I mention I love skirmish games‚Äč?

See below for a couple of snaps of the first completed test model, after that I'm looking for something in a shade of camo green!