Battle for Berlin German Force Showcase

Dan reveals his finished Battle for Berlin German defenders, in the flip side to Rex's Stalingrad project in this WW2 tale of Two Cities.

As well as motivating each other to move our projects on, Dan references being inspired by James' Berlin forces and terrain work on his "JvC Paints" channel, heres the link- go check it out ;

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Thanks All! keep your hobby going!

3d Printed Stalingrad fountain quick review (otpte...


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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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Episode 12:

In this twelfth episode of the valhallagames podcast Dan & Rex talk about all things hobby, new projects, what's new in wargaming, what historical events we "want to game" and finally getting out of lockdown (for Australia and new Zealand at least).

Part two is an in depth discussion around the challenges (imagined or otherwise) in putting the most hated soldiers of any WWII army on the table, and just who are those soldiers? Does it depend on your perspective and what country you happen to come from? Should we be sensitive to political issues in wargaming or always just play "the good guys" so that we don't offend or in the end is it just a game?

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