Battle for Berlin German Force Showcase

Dan reveals his finished Battle for Berlin German defenders, in the flip side to Rex's Stalingrad project in this WW2 tale of Two Cities.

As well as motivating each other to move our projects on, Dan references being inspired by James' Berlin forces and terrain work on his "JvC Paints" channel, heres the link- go check it out ;

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Thanks All! keep your hobby going!

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Monday, 26 February 2024

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Podcast EP24: A chat with Jon Russell.

In this bumper episode, we are joined by Jon Russell of Warlord Games fame. In addition to his dedicated work for Warlord, Jon is a multifaceted wargamer and also veteran of many years service.

In this episode we spend time learning about Jon's wargaming pedigree, before learning more about his role at Warlord, the writing of 'Bolt Action: Korea', and Jon shares with us what he can about what Bolt Action V3 might look like, and the 'Raiders Attack!' Supplement that still has much life left in it.

All this plus Warlord event support, balance in tournaments and other definitely non-controversial(!), highly entertaining and informative topics. Sit back and enjoy a chat with Jon, and us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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