Update #11: The Battle for Primosole Bridge campaign book.

Hi Everyone!

Rex and I hope this update finds you well. Just a quick update for now; we have entered what we hope will be the final week of the books preparation for sending to the printers! That's right – at the end of this week 'The Battle for Primosole Bridge' will be sent to the printers for review by them, the production of the proof copy, then then print run itself!!! Based on current estimates we are perfectly on [revised] target for 'shipping by the end of June'.

We will provide another update after the proof is approved by us and the printing has started. Shortly after that we will ask for delivery address details. We have left collecting delivery address details until now so that there would not be any address changes, ensuring that we post your book to the correct location.

For now, here is a photo of the last photo ever to be taken for 'The Battle for Primosole Bridge'...

Talk soon with another update, we are excited and we hope that you are too.

Dan and Rex

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The Battle for Primosole Bridge Kickstarter update #10

Hi everyone, what a busy period it's been since the last update!

Rex has moved heaven and earth to get the remaining photography pretty close to being done for the book. A few 'whites' (the popular type of shot you see in publications that have just the figure, vehicle etc on a white/transparent background) remain for a couple of places in the book, then photography is all done!

For many of the photos of a full or 'deeper' table set up we needed to capture (there's a LOT of these!), Rex used a process where he 'stacked' differently - focussed shots on top of each other... a hugely time-consuming process that entailed the taking of over 1600 photographs! But the results are worth it we believe, and we feel confident, after looking at the end result, that you will think so too when you hold the book in your hand and see how good they are!

Secretly up to now, we have engaged the services of a professional artist to assist with the creation of the scenario maps for the book. We have now received the final artwork and WOW! what a result! This is another part of the book we can't wait for you to see!

To whet your appetite, Rex has done a video of the new fully sculpted Primosole Bridge table and will be releasing it in the near future which will get you excited for the book and give you some ideas for your table at home. It's fantastic- when I saw it first and it allowed me to take in the board for the first time I was astonished at just how great it was.

We received the massive shipment of your free sprues from Wargames Atlantic, and they are sitting patiently for when it comes time to send out your books to you.

We just wanted to say we have really appreciated your patience and kind words of reassurance after our delay in fulfilment until end of June primarily due to freight issues. It has been really heart-warming, thank you.

We have made every attempt to reward you for your patience and wanted to share with you that the book has now grown in size to over 100 pages!

Thanks everyone, talk again soon.


Dan & Rex

Eventually we will also get back to posting videos of our projects on the Valhalla Games YouTube channel here: https://valhallagames.net/youtube However, we are 97% 'book' right now, the other 3% is day jobs, food and sleeping ;-)
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'The Battle for Primosole Bridge' Kickstarter update #8

Well, here we are...arriving at the first of our 'final times'...the last time we do a particular activity in prep for the books production ...

The final (planned!!) miniatures required for the book have been finished. You can see a small selection of them above being lovingly bubble wrapped for their jetsetting holiday over to Australia for photography!
It's been pretty intense fitting in the painting of these, but we wanted the best job possible of course for the book for you. And we are very proud to say some our closest working relationships with Figure manufacturers have resulted in having some figures that are as yet unreleased and getting their first showing in our book....check out some spoilers in the pic above....!

Within the book we have been doing the seemingly endless task of receiving back edits to be made...dutifully reworking text, making corrections  We've also been working on- and finally resolved- the revolutionary way of listing units in multi-scenario selectors within the book, saving 20 pages of almost identical selectors! These points and the remainder of the work we've been doing around the editing has been cutting fat and leaving just the great content for you.

In regard to the free gifts for the book Backers;

STLs have been sent within emails to all the Kickstarter backers (if you didn't get the email let us know at: https://www.valhallagames.net/index.php/contact), along with the contact details for WOW Buildings in case there are technical questions or other queries regarding the files.

STLs for the pre-order customers should be sent in the next 24 hours

The Final wargames Atlantic sprue numbers have gone to them for production and supply of the sprues to us.

In other news; while continuing his work on the (currently unrevealed) realistic scale battle board that will provide photos for the book ( and hopefully a board with which to attend some wargames shows/events sometime in our future!) Rex decided he needed some blockhouses and barricades. Having designed them for 3D printing, Rex has decided decided to share them here with you..... for free!;


So follow the link and print some off ( or get someone to do it for you and buy them a beer!) and get yourself set up for your scenarios when you receive your book!

In the 'background' but very much at the forefront of our minds and driving our timelines, we've been refreshing our quotes and checking lead-time with the printers.

Spread the word: pre-orders still open ( despite the free STL and sprue deal having finished due to our deadlines for those suppliers-apologies!), so if you want a copy, reach out and we will let you know how you can  place your order.!

There's a couple of weeks of hard work and immersion in the written content for the book as final editing is ongoing. Following that we have final photography and working through further logistical demands. Thanks for staying there with us in this journey- some of this stuff isn't the sexy/glamourous/exciting news to show and tell you about...BUT it is essential work to add polish to this production, and we hope in some small way you enjoy hearing about this in order to feel informed and reassured of the professional work going into the book.

Thank you and we will update you again in a couple of weeks time with another update! 


Dan and Rex

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Video battle report - The Battle for Primosole Bridge

Even more

Latest Podcast

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This is our first a "Bolt Action" battle report - German Fallschirmjager vs British Airborne- Played between Dan & Rex, your hosts at Valhalla Games. This follows on from the two part podcast special by us on the historical background of the battle in Sicily, 1943. The podcast can be found here; . We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to subscribe to this blog and of course the podcast in your preferred podcast app. All feedback is welcome.
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Podcast EP3 (parts a & b) live now: Operation Fustian & The Battle for Primosole Bridge

Podcast EP3 (parts a & b) are live now: Operation Fustian & The Battle for Primosole Bridge, this should appear in your podcast app if you have subscribed (Search for valhallagames podcast in your app) or you can click on the image below for a web player (for part 1).

Battle for Primosole Bridge reference material can be found here

Episode 3a:
In this episode, the first of a two part history-to-wargame special, we discuss the build up for a key WW2 operation in Sicily, 1943.
Operation Fustian was the British airborne operation to seize and Hold Primosole Bridge, a strategically important gateway to the Catania Plain and vital for the advance of the Allies and the success of the Sicilian campaign.
Facing the British paratroopers were their deadly adversaries; the veteran German airborne troops of the 1st Fallshirmjager Division.....

Episode 3b:
We return- in this, the second installment of a two part history-to wargame special- to Sicily 1943 and the Battle for Primosole Bridge.
This second part continues the story of the bloody fight for the control of the bridge between the British and German paratroopers.
We also discuss some wargaming ideas around this historical action and how you, like us!, can get some ideas to play this as a scenario in your WW2 wargames.

Enjoy, and your feedback is always welcome.

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Latest podcast

Podcast EP22: Campaign book INCOMING:

The latetst podcast episode is live now. This should appear in your podcast app if you have subscribed (Search for valhallagames podcast in your app) or you can listen on the web player here

Podcast EP22: Campaign book Kickstarter - INCOMING.

Although other podcasts have done (and will do!!) a fantastic job of asking us the hard questions about the new The Battle for Primosole Bridge Campaign book (the Kickstarter is just days away now). Dan and I thought we had better say something ourselves on the subject :-).

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