It's Official! Bolt Action: Third Edition Lands September 2024

It's Official! Bolt Action: Third Edition Lands September 2024:

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A Bridge Too Far

As a build up to me rewatching A Bridge Too Far movie (which really is a true story) with mates in a few weeks time I thought I would post a few interesting facts about the movie (no spoilers). Comment below (and chose "Subscribe to this blog post") and I will update the chat with interesting titbits over the next few weeks.

​A Bridge Too Far is a classic war film that was released in 1977. Directed by Richard Attenborough, the movie depicts the Allied attempt to capture several strategically important bridges in the Netherlands during World War II. Based on Cornelius Ryan's best-selling book of the same name, A Bridge Too Far features an ensemble cast of talented actors, including Sean Connery, Michael Caine, and Anthony Hopkins.

This gripping film not only provides a thrilling account of a major military operation, but also offers a deeper exploration of the human cost and sacrifices made during wartime. With its powerful storytelling, intense battle sequences, and rich characterization, A Bridge Too Far has become a beloved war movie that continues to captivate audiences to this day. (content borrowed from, I'm sure they won't mind... :-/ )

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"The Eagle has landed" movie is true after all...

"The Eagle has landed" one of my all time favourite war movies (and books) is 100% true after all... After so much wanting this to be a 'based on fact' story for so long I'm pleased to announce that on the strength of this book cover I consider this irrefutable proof that it is in fact a true story and Jack Higgins had inside information all along.

... at least I'm 40% sure.

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Wargames Foundry "Downed German aircrew".

So, as per my list below and our latest YouTube video, My list of stuff the year is massive...PLUS I acquired Mikes awesome terrain and stuff as seen in our latest YouTube vid, and so I decided that although I was in the field and on duty during the week, it was time to move from assembly line work onto finishing some figures. 

What better to choose then than the only figures I acquired from the sale of the wargames items that belonged to the late Mike (RIP); the Wargames Foundry downed German aircrew.  

So I really want to say I cant take any credit for these figures except for basing and a few details. Apart from that, this is how they were when I got them- and I wanted to keep it that way so they are Mikes figures. 

I touched up dings, rebased and did the few details to make them look fresh and give them longevity. The bright, decaying leaves are a bit bright on these figures, but that does match them with all my other NW Europe basing for coherency. The leaves are a godsend to add some colour to bases for German and Soviet field uniforms and avoid them looking washed out. 

​These are quite clearly not the greatest photos in the world, as per the 'workbench pics' principle we use on blogposts and sometimes Instagram, but I threw them down on a piece of Scenery I also got that was Mikes and snapped a few pics in some crazy light- I thought it actually matched that of dappled light coming through the canopy of the copse of trees they are navigating through.

​I confess that I also got some lighter colour onto the head bandage as highlights, but I figured Mike would've ended up doing that anyway, so I gave myself a pass there!

​So there you go, Hope you've enjoyed seeing some pics of them and feel like I finished them off in a way that would have done Mike proud. Easiest 'tick' off the list ever...but Ill take the win, and add these guys to my shelves of German WW2 for a future scenario! 


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Dan's 2024 Hobby Goals List

Hope you had a chance to check out the video on YouTube showing shelves full of work needing to be done! if not, check it out here:


Colour/ Key;


In progress

EW= Early War

LW= Late War


Historical WW2


EW Krupp Protze  IN PROGRESS- Assembled, base coated 

Sdkfz 234 with variant parts AS ABOVE


Sdkfz 251 D x3 AS ABOVE 

Sdkfz 251 C Pioneerwagon 

Lorraine Shlepper AS ABOVE 


EW Pak 36- & Crew  IN PROGRESS- base coated

EW Leig 38 & winter crew variants – removable crew



Pz Lehr MMG

Pz Lehr Sniper team

Winter dismounted Pz Crew

Sdkfz 232

EW MG34 MMG removable crew IN PROGRESS 

EW infantry x 32 IN PROGRESS

Detail 112 x EW infantry 

LW Grenadiers x 70

DAK infantry x 50

Pz Lehr infantry x25

Luftwaffe 88 crew x 7 IN PROGRESS

Waffen SS inf x 65

" " Nebelwerfer – removable crew

"" Pak 40 – removable crew

"" MMG x2

" " Med Mortar – removable crew

Heer pak 40 with summer and winter crews -removable

Last levy infantry ( Berlin) x 20

Luftwaffe tropical ground crew x 5

Mike's Downed Luftwaffe Aircrew ( basing and detailing only) COMPLETED

Stuka x1

Fallshirmjager infantry x 70

''Med Mortar removable crew

" Pz shrek team

" Sniper team

" Flamethrower team

" mule handler and mule x1

Opel blitz fuel bowser truck-  In process of assembly

Heer weapons teams

British Airborne;

Vehicle crew x 30

Polsten guns x 9

6 pounders and crew x 3

6 pounders limbered x 4

Med mortars x 3

MMG teams x 3

Light Mortars x 3

Piat teams x 2

Tow jeeps x 4

17 Pounders and removable crew x 2

Infantry x 150


Sherman V x3

Sherman VC Firefly x1

Infantry in B/dress x 22

8th Army inf x 4

Bedford QLT truck ASSEMBLED 

8th Army Lee tank

Cromwell with Burlap camo ASSEMBLED 

Soviet Army;

Infantry x 100

Detail /repaint soviet infantry x 100

Rebase soviet infantry x 150

45 mm AT gun with removable & alternate ( SNI )crews x 2

MMG team

HMG team

Dog mines x 3 teams

M3 White scout car

ATK rifle


FT team

L Mortar team

Peoples militia x 12

Jeeps and crew x2


T34/76 (warlord)

T34/76 ( Rubicon)

GAZ AA/AAA trucks x 2

Soviet Naval Infantry;

Bronekator patrol boat

Infantry (Warlord) x 44

Infantry (3D prints) x 30

MMG team

HMG team

45mm AT gun and crew -removable

FT team

Standard bearers x2

ZiS 3 and crew -removable

Heavy Mortar and crew- removable

Light mortar and crew

Pz faust infantry x3


Photographer- Yevgeny Khaldei

Naval political officer x 2

SMG squad


2x collapsed parachute canopies

Urban barricades x6

Eastern Front log houses x 2

Eastern front village base

3D printed buildings x7

Additional berlin apartment building floors x2

Stalingrad tank factory & Base

Stalingrad Barmaley fountain x2

Destroyed European buildings (MDF) x2

Dock buildings and scatter-qty

IJA Tank emplacement- IN PROGRESS 

Dock crane

Lowest priority "Nice to do" list;


150 Infantry (incl teams)

Repair/paint med tank

Rebase Infantry x 100

IJA LMG relocating


6 infantry

Replace heads on 5 Coastal Div infantry

Arditi squad

MMG team for coastal div

WW2 Character models;


Otto Skorzeny

Charles Upham

We have ways characters x 2

Berlin soviet flag characters

Vasily Zaitsev

Desmond Doss & casualty

David Stirling

Jock Lewes

BA 'Stalingrad' set soviet sniper team

USMC Cappy the devil dog & Handler

Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army;

Huntsmen x 10

Helstorm Rocket battery

Outriders x 5

Head replacement on militiaman

Bear Musician model 

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Bolt Action Game Report: 1k Fallschirmjager (Dan) Vs New Zealanders (Craig)

So on Saturday, I headed over to Craigs house for a game of Bolt Action. I was really looking forward to it as Craig not only has produced a great looking table, but has also just finished painting an entire 8th Army force, based around the 2nd New Zealand Division and some special guest stars ( some might say 'rogue heroes' ..) with their ill gotten gains from a certain Mr Stirlings night out in Cairo...

 Craigs great table layout before Soft cover ( moss etc) and Objectives were placed. the stream counted as a small stream in a wadi, the palm tree bases were in fact rough ground, and due to the fact we were playing environmental effects from the Duel in the Sun theatre book, the road running from long edge to long edge could be potholed and slow movement for vehicles on a poor roll.We were playing the scenario 'Jump to action' from the BAA 2023 mission pack, and Craig did a great jump of choosing it and tying the scenario, table layout and choice of environmental effects together.It did mean that two of the objectives needed to be 'watery' so I whipped up a couple of them in the morning before heading over. We rolled off for who would be the attacker and defender, i won after a re roll and decided that Id let Craig set up first, which meant he chose his table quarter. He chose the one in bottom left in the table pic above, and promptly set up utilising the high ground to his best advantage, as can be seen below ( albeit a couple of turns later, but Craigs vantage point can clearly be seen).

The reality is that I very possibly set myself up to fail right at that fateful decision. I normally play my own game anyway, so I really didnt need to see what Craig was doing with his deployment. I would've been better off choosing and denying him the high ground. His Medium mortar and 25 pounder -both without spotters if I remember correctly- would possibly had a harder time seeing my units. Although, the palm bases counting as rough ground, no penalty to hit firing across them, meant that the table was deceptively open in regards to shooting!

Both forces tried to dominate the centre of the battlefield from the start. I wouldnt normally try to capture the objectives so early if they were in the relative open, but on this battelefield the two flank central ones were in the wadi (hard cover) and at the ford in the centre that was hard cover by virtue of it being a destroyed bridge, with the remnants providing hard cover from the sides. With that in mind i pushed my Green FJ squad up on my left flank,  initially behind the StuH that was providing hard cover from fire. 

​Come Turn 2 however, Craigs FAO called in fire for effect with an artillery barrage, which- well placed by craig- put pins on several units and devastatingly rolled a six for the StuH, then setting it on fire and the crew running for the hills (wadi's?!) and its knocked out! (Below) The Green FJ scarpered into the wadi and took cover behind some scrub while checking out what was inside the ammo case the DAK casualty was clinging to as his life slipped away 

( Sidebar: see the objective above- not my best painted but hurriedly knocked up and painted the water to try to match Craigs stream from a photo. I was actually quite happy with it, one day ill go back and detail and highlight them!)  

Not only did the bombardment play havoc, but the 25 pounder and mortar turned into sharpshooters to pay me back for my gift of high ground to Craig! with successive sixes to range in, my medium mortar and sniper team were reduced to offal over the first two turns! Craigs target and order dice allocation priorities were excellent, and swinging the order dice advantage way in his favour.

In order to rebalance the centre of the board somewhat I ran the officer on to get within range of the much- diminished FJ squads so he could balance out the pins and motivate them into action the next turn! the truck attempted to do a road-assisted long advance move and disgorge its 10 man & SMG heavy FJ squad within shooting range of the bad guys (good guys?!?) advancing on my units at the ford.

Unfortunately, after an abysmal roll on the pothole environmental effect check, the pothole spotter was clearly fighting Indiana Jones or something and the truck bumbled forward, leaving them out of position for where I wanted them...Aaaaaargh! 

Heres the view down the road from Craigs side, one can see the pressure hes kept up in the centre and turn three he brought his Blitz buggy in from his right flank. Hosing down the Green FJ squad, they took a single casualty, in addition some more shooting whittled them down to two men, who rather inconveniently had stayed inexperienced. However, they got their sweet sweet revenge when they assaulted the blitz buggy at the start of turn 4, and the buggy failed its recce escape move. Being the spiteful man I am I stalled it right where it was and the FJ proceeded to slice and dice and drop a grenade in the now empty vehicle, destroying it...a solitary victorious moment for the last couple of turns for me!

​Meanwhile back in the centre of the table, Craigs dice advantage and sheer number of shots in his shooting order was paying dividends. I had to try and get some momentum and swing some dice back in my favour, so I snapped to with my officer. the three man brit squad just heading into the rough ground had to go as Id unloaded into them last turn and failed to cause a morale check with less than 50% casualties. this turn I knew I had to charge them as they were sticking provocatively out into the open ground. 

In addition, the large regular squad that Craig had disembarked from the truck had failed to do much damage to my large FJ squad on the ford, so they too needed to be assaulted while i would strike first on the charge. 

As it turned out, I won both CQ assaults, which was great but i then had a poor regroup move roll by my smaller squad which had three men left. I was sure i couldnt reach the observer squad if i charged them because I was in the bushes at the side of the road thanks to the poor roll- bugger! However- i COULD reach his truck- until it failed an order check and reversed out of charge range...damn! What DID go well was assaulting with my (formerly) large FJ sqd vs his universal carrier with the 2nd Lt in the back, forcing him to disembark and fight and resulting in him being diced up somewhat.

But in return Craigs Veteran squad ( shown below to the left of the carrier) finally surged forward- advancing out of their cover and shot the FJ squad to bits, wiping them out!! Craig ranged in on another 6 on the officer squad in the hard cover in the wadi by the bridge, wiping them out also. 

Surveying the battlefield I decided there was little I could do to stop Craig from holding the Centre and objective closest to his side. His vehicles were likely to contest at least one of the flank central objectives i held, and he had done a great job earning so many dice for kills off me, each three providing him with a VP. I did what any good opponent would do and extended the hand to shake that of the victor- Craig played an excellent game and thoroughly deserved the win! 

A fantastic game on a fantastic board, thanks Craig! the amount he has achieved in such a short time in having a  fully painted army and a great looking table of terrain is inspiring- keep it up! 

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Merry Christmas! Did Dan reach his hobby goal?...

Hi Everyone. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing this Christmas, Rex and I hope you have a happy and safe Xmas and New Years. I'm away on my honeymoon at the moment ( there is an obvious clue to my whereabouts in the images below!) but Im sure Rex might drop an update also in the coming fortnight or so.

about 10 weeks or so ago, Rex and I put out our podcast updating our hobby goals we set at the start of the year. In that episode I was really happy with my hobby output for the year against my goals I had set- with one notable exception; I had committed to painting 100 German Grenadier infantry, and hadnt painted a single one, and despite my having finished dozens of Waffen SS and Panzer Lehr It rankled me that this goal was unfulfilled. 

BUT, with Rex coming over for the wedding, we had a big game planned. It was going to be based during Op. Barbarossa in 1941- and I hadnt a single early war German painted...but the answer was simple; Paint the early war version of the grenadier- the German Infantryman- over a hundred of them!!  

Heres one of the batches, prior to final basing and details and a matt varnish...painting in big batches of 30-40 kept me busy!
Heres a 1940 era infantryman. 1941 was such a time of change in uniform for the Heer infantryman. The change from stone grey to Field gray trousers, collar facings changing but many veterans still retaining their dark green with the new uniforms etc etc...I have tried to reflect that in my infantry but being prudent i painted those with their gas capes worn at the alert ( like in this pic) by Warlord Games with grey trousers to avoid having to paint a further early war force...Im keen but im not THAT crazy. lol.
I had a magnificent suprise when I asked a friend and wargamer  in our group, Colin, if he could help me prep our group game and airbrush the base scheme of the panzer grey vehicles. WOW! i couldnt believe it when he gave me back these finished vehicles!! Thanks Colin!!
including all of these , he also painted and Sdkfz 10/4, which i failed to get a picture of during the game...I was particularly pleased with the way the Pz II came out, which was a Rubicon model and a pleasure to put together. I assembled it as an early model ( Ausf C if i remember correctly!) but i did have the pleasure of encountering this today;

 So anyways, Im VERY pleased to report that I made my 100 German 'grenadiers' ( they werent called grenadiers yet, but ill give myself a break!) fact 111 of them, in 3 months, while working and prepping for the wedding and the honeymoon...I think I shall rather unusually give myself a wee pat on the back ;)

I shall look forward to formulating and sharing next years hobby goals with you. probably something to do with all the figures in my luggage from our trip already! 

Talk soon, stay safe and Happy Xmas to you and your families!!



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The beginnings of a new early war German army

The beginnings of a new early war German army for Rex, thanks Dan for the colours you know colour research isn't my favourite thing.

Still a couple of more things to do.

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WWII Soviet paint recipe updated and uploaded

WWII Soviet paint recipe updated and uploaded, I'm reluctant to call it 'finished' (because its not) but if you find it useful your welcome to it. I'm moving onto early war Germans (on a time limit!) so this is 'complete' for a while.

New format, if you love it or hate it let me know here

Get it here:

Soviet paint recipe updated and uploaded
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EP30: MOAB 2023 with special guest Aaron Russell

Rex, Dan and special guest Aaron Russell unpack the 2023 MOAB Bolt Action open in Sydney, Australia, October 2023. Did Rex improve his competitive standing for this year in line with his hobby goals? Did Aaron manage to pull off *another* tournament win? Was Dan envious that he didn't attend this year? How many hot dogs did we eat? Get it all here in this bumper 2 hour plus episode of Valhalla Games podcast.

Subscribe in your podcast app by searching for Valhalla Games or play in the web player by clicking on the image below​.

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New paint range from The Army Painter

 New paint range from The Army Painter. Brave claims to be the best paint in the world! Keen to have a look at these.

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15mm armies I saw at the recent MOAB wargame event

 15mm armies I saw for sale at the recent MOAB wargame event. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image. If I had a spare $1000(!) I would have purchased them, nicest 15mm armies I have ever seen.

Mainly I'm putting this here as a permanent record of what I want my 15mm armies to look like one day... when I get them out of the shrink-wrap.

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Soviet reinforcements have arrived...

Soviet reinforcements have arrived... just in time as they need to fight at the MOAB Bolt Action event 0830 tomorrow. Although its only 7 guys its nice to have painted something from beginning to end and have them complete not just "90% done and I will sort the rest out later". My painting skill is improving again, another couple of squads and I will be back up to the standard I was at a 2 years ago. Interesting how with no painting getting done I had a noticeable drop in skill!

I have revamped my Soviet paint guide as well, more detail better layout. I will upload it to the files/download section when I have time.

Edit: there is the same thing with moving pictures...

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Podcast EP29: Hobby goal update

Join Rex and Dan as they give a summary on their hobby goals 2023 progress year-to-date at the three-quarter point. Have we completed our hobby goals? Have we purchased enough plastic and lead to keep the furnaces of hobby production stoked? Find out here along with news and lots of chat.

We hope you enjoy listening to this and hope it helps you paint a few more figures toward YOUR hobby own goals!

Subscribe in your preferred podcast to you don't miss an episode by searching for Valhalla Games or you can listen in the web player by clicking on the image below.

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Bolt Action - Assaulting vehicles flowchart

 Bolt Action - Assaulting vehicles flowchart PDF version 1 is available here:

*Now including 1 of 2 rules confirmations received back from Warlord Games


If you spot any issues let us know here

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Soviet Cav

​Found these photos of Soviet cav... I don't think I have shown yet. Looking back i'm pretty happy with them. Pity I only purchased and painted 3(!) less than useful.

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Rex's hobby update

Final decision: Angkor Wat, 'mostly' grey plus lots of greenery

Over the last few days, I have managed to find a bit more hobby time than normal. Mainly I have been obsessing and worrying over paint, techniques and paint colours for 3D printed building terrain. Having just received 25GB of new STL files from a recent fantasy building Kickstarter I'm need to have a specific (and good) recipe to go forward with. After toying with the great looking colour scheme, that was shown in the Kickstarter I have gone back and forward but settled on grey (yep the same grey that every other wargamer uses from age 14 onward has used). In my defence I'm inspired by the temple of Angkor Wat Cambodia so hopefully I will push it slightly past my 14 year old self.

I have been having difficulty using my normal method of brick/wall painting for a couple of reasons. 

  1. The spray on primer/paint seams to have changed recipe and 
  2. the new and improved technique of using XTC 3D or resin has proven to be not such a good idea as it nets a result that wont take a wash at all and behaves like some sort of weird contrast paint. 

I had also planned on some Gondor-white buildings for something else, that DID NOT work so I abandoned it this time round. Long story short I have the technique and can now move forward.

The beginning of something, some Normandy brick walls done. Everything else is WIP

The other thing I have been obsessing over is gaming mats. Since I stored away the realistic Primosole bridge board I have been dis-satisfied with almost all of the terrain mats I own for various reasons.
After toying with the idea of making my own terrain mat for 5 years and with my dissatisfaction for existing game mats coalescing, with having a couple of evenings free with no responsibility and I have all my ducks in a row!

  • Yesterday I gathered the required materials
  • Today I washed and dried my paint sheet to preshrink it and also to get rid of the heavy folds from it being packaged.
  • I think I have thought of everything (famous last words), roll on tomorrow!
5 years in the making, tomorrow is the day
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The master plan: #1 BIG armies, BIG that the plan?

Hi Dan here, the first in a series of occasional articles mapping out what's in my mind. 

So. What to do with the armies I collect that are getting bigger and bigger? that partly the answer and not the question? Should I ask myself what collections should I invest time in to make them bigger? Or should I be enjoying making smaller themed armies for different theatres, different types of basing to denote different environments? 

The reality is that I could go in either direction and have fun collecting, modelling, painting and playing with my forces. The idea about being able to invest time in a small bespoke force is a great one, and one I've seized upon a number of times such as my 'small Fallschirmjager force to represent a part of the battle for Primosole Bridge'...look how that turned out! 

But one of my wargaming dreams /goals has always been to play BIG games of fully painted armies on the battlefield in WW2 battles. Ever since our mother bought me the Orbis book of 'Model Soldiers' and I salivated over a picture showing what appeared to be a corner of a larger battle incorporating an amphibious landing. Of course, I had -as a young boy- vast armies of 1/72 green and grey plastic 'army men' and tried to emulate the picture and had many many happy hours doing so! But now I want to do so with beautifully sculpted metal and plastic figures and terrain and build it on a scale where i can provide everything, yet others can join in games in my version of 'Valhalla"!

So...time for a Q&A for myself;

What Scale would I choose for these big collections and big games?

Bigger games in my definition are lots of figures, possibly (probably) multiple players per side, large playing areas. My vision is 28mm miniatures so they can be seen by players flanking each other while playing on a ( or multiple) long/deep playing surface. However...I already have 28mm in Historical WW2- armies that continue to get larger- so that's a no brainer for me. in Fantasy and 40k i have nice armies, but not huge armies so if i wanted to choose a different scale I could. And the same goes for other historical periods. For instance; I have a desire to do American Civil War ( ACW). I have a great start waiting for me in the Perry Miniatures Battle in a box set...but I have been thinking is that the right size for ACW battles? should I be into 15mm/12mm/10mm for it? The Warlord Games Epic Black Powder ACW starter sets in plastic are great value ( although the individual sets start getting more expensive than metal manufacturers for some reason...) and inspiring to perhaps be worth a look. Watch this space for decisions, lol. 

What periods would I collect figures & terrain for to play in Big, Big games?

The reality is that I would need BIG forces, that would be capable of splitting into decent commands for a number of generals to control in the games. its one thing to look at a 'big' force on your shelves at home, but when it hits a table the size of those in my vision it will be eaten alive by the table that wont even notice the tiny morsel! "Figures...Fahsounds of them, Sah!" are what is required.  But what periods? 

WW2..has to be. The original, and once again, love...of course! But what else?

ACW has interested me as above. Total painted ACW miniatures at the time of writing; Zero. But i DO have that big box of figures in the pile of shame, so...that counts, right?!

 Napoleonics. Yep...I have about 22 cavalry figures 'finished' for the napoleonic period ( a box of Hinchcliffe French Empress Dragoons that I bought second hand painted in a style 'of the time' (early-mid eighties i guess, judging from the Humbrol enamel finish)  because I had the opportunity and I wanted to own a Hinchcliffe unit because the brand is hand-in-hand with classic big wargaming at places like Peter Gilder's ( and those that have followed) Wargames Holiday Centre in the UK. 

 But I ALSO have a few boxes of Perry and victrix British in the that pile...and a desire to acquire Victrix French Guard Lancers, which are some of the most beautiful miniatures I've ever seen, so- that again, is an exceptional start, right?! 

On Balance I'd say I'm well ahead of the game then... I've just turned 49, and deciding to take on three periods that normally take collectors a lifetime to do one alone ( plus I have an unnatural desire to play the Sudan, but that can wait until I've knocked off these simple, short goals!!). And I've just been prescribed glasses in order to be able to hobby at point blank range in anything smaller than 1:1 scale. Simples! ;)

  But here's the thing; I'm inspired. And motivated. And this is making me make some SANE decisions along with the insane decisions we've talked about above; 

  •  Work on these goals for long term gratification and triumphant conclusion, and not to chase the next new game system on the block. LESS BREADTH, MORE DEPTH in what I do.
  • The fact that I do this may occasionally be less sexy and appealing as I grind out the next batch of 35 figures in the same uniform, but EMBRACE THE SUCK as I see those goals get closer with every unit I finish.
  • ENJOY THE PRICE, not PAY THE PRICE of the journey to completion. I enjoy the full spectrum of the hobby; Historical research, collecting, modelling, painting, and the wargaming. I also enjoy the spectacle- just enjoying the display or photos of a beautiful game, the figures and the terrain ( or truly scenery) on the table. The journey is as important to me as the destination, as the hobby as a whole continues to entertain, inspire and allows me to decompress from stresses in life, particularly work. Even the small things such as assembling and kit bashing/converting plastics are immensely satisfying to me. So while others might avoid the time it takes and prefer to get into painting metals quicker, I enjoy including both.
  • DIRECTION OF COLLECTION...i can look at things like what types of terrain, playing surface, buildings, even the ground cover based on theatres of battles/campaigns. I can narrow down and plan effectively, It  allows me to cascade these decisions down into workflow decisions and aesthetics such as coherent but versatile basing decisions for my troops bases.
  • TIMING IS EVERYTHING...Understanding and planning short/medium term goals such as games we want to play and record for our Channel, and working them into this greater long term, over-arching goal. For instance; I can base models for a summer historical engagement that we want to film as long as Im clever with the materials used I can then overpaint, apply snow, etc. But the reverse is more difficult and is likely to involved completely new physical bases. Doing urban bases on models can in the same way be changed to rural bases, if the 'rubble' doesnt contain walls etc, and the rubble is more gritty, with small pebbles instead of square edged bricks and the effect is gained somewhat from paint to get the effect. 

All these things can be well executed with effort and well as restraint and long term goals in mind! I'm learning how to do them better and better all the time. 

With all this in mind, I am quite enjoying setting out on my journey. I hope to achieve such armies as befits a warrior king to accompany him into the afterlife, as seen when I visited Xian a few years ago. I hope you enjoyed this brief outline of my intended trip into meglomania, and join me sometime soon for another installment of my 'Master plan' !. 

I'd be interested in your thoughts and feedback below as to whether you've tread this path, why or why not and any advice you may have- or disagree with. 


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​Wednesday night gaming for the past few weeks has been SAGA, a great game I'm really enjoying it. Its new to me so thanks to Ian and Ian for the tutorials and Ian B for supplying all the lovely minis.

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Podcast EP28: Operation Shrike - Bolt Action South Australia

In this episode Dan and Rex are joined by Darren Merritt, the TO of "Operation Shrike", a Bolt Action event with an exciting format which will be held in Adelaide, Australia, in November 2023. 

Join us as Darren- who describes himself as a 'newbie' to Bolt Action- talks about what has encouraged him to make the jump from new player to new event organiser, and what it is about the 'Combat Patrol' game format that has him and other players excited to play Bolt Action with smaller forces in dynamic games! 

We really loved Darren's enthusiasm and passion to help build his local WW2 wargaming community, and we are sure you will too, so join us and hear the full details and contact information for the event. 

Enjoy! Dan & Rex.

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Podcast EP24: A chat with Jon Russell:

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Podcast EP24: A chat with Jon Russell.

In this bumper episode, we are joined by Jon Russell of Warlord Games fame. In addition to his dedicated work for Warlord, Jon is a multifaceted wargamer and also veteran of many years service.

In this episode we spend time learning about Jon's wargaming pedigree, before learning more about his role at Warlord, the writing of 'Bolt Action: Korea', and Jon shares with us what he can about what Bolt Action V3 might look like, and the 'Raiders Attack!' Supplement that still has much life left in it.

All this plus Warlord event support, balance in tournaments and other definitely non-controversial(!), highly entertaining and informative topics. Sit back and enjoy a chat with Jon, and us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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