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The face of war? Or is it? This popular photo depicts a young solider overcome with fear in the trenches but is it for real or not? Its black & white so it must be real...

I understand that this is a scene from a movie called "The Bridge" (a 1959 film made in West Germany), its been used a few times to demonstrate the horror of war but only once have I seen reference to it being from a movie and not a real historical photo.

Regardless, it's chilling image.

Rex's Soviet paint recipe available to download no...
Bolt action Fortress Budapest Day photos

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Thursday, 20 February 2020

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Podcast EP10: 20/20 Vision:

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Episode 10:

This time in the Valhallagames podcast we look back on 2019 from a wargaming perspective and we hand out awards in various categories for wargaming excellence. Bring your black tie and tuxedo or ball dress, find out who gets the imaginary valhallagames golden trophies.

Dan gives us the run down on his recent Bolt Action tournament "no surrender" along with all the cinematic drama.

Lastly, we look forward to all the new ideas valhallagames has for 2020 to do even better with the YouTube channel, podcast, and audience participation.