EP17: Setting the scene - author interview with Pat.

This episode is an interview with Pat Smith the author of the "Setting the scene" series of books and https://wargamingwithsilverwhistle.blogspot.com/. Pat does some of the most amazing wargames tables that I have ever seen, especially winter war. We discuss his previous 2 books and the latest one base in Norway 1940 - The Road to Dombas

Pat's blog: https://wargamingwithsilverwhistle.blogspot.com/

Book 1: http://www.stevenlampon.co.uk/portfolio/

Book 2: http://www.stevenlampon.co.uk/settingthescenevol2/

Book 3: http://www.stevenlampon.co.uk/dombas/

Want to purchase the book? Email the distributor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

00-8:03 Intro & Little Wars TV Caesar Awards nominations
Nominations open til close of 31 Dec 2020 here;

8:03 Valhalla Games 2020 awards
8:30 Our most memorable games we played this year
11:00 Our favourite WW2 miniatures of the year

Captain K -Giants in Miniature( Dan)

Last Levy- Warlord Games ( Rex)

16:35 Our favourite Box Set of miniatures for 2020

Stalingrad battle set – Warlord Games ( Rex)

28mm Partisans box set – Wargames Atlantic ( Dan)

25:53 valhalla games stats

37:18 Best Rulebook/Supplement release 2020

Mariana & Palau Islands -Warlord Games ( Rex)

Stalingrad- Warlord Games ( Dan)

41:34 Best non-WW2 minis of the year

KOW N /Alliance ice creatures- Mantic Games ( Rex)

Star Wars Legions Clan Wren- Fantasy Flight Games ( Dan)

Lord Flash – Giants in Miniature ( Dan)

48:08 Best mass-produced commercial terrain

Vehicle wreckage scatter terrain , various scales- Diohistory ( Dan)

U Boat waterline model- OTP Terrain ( Rex)

55:33 Any product that made us want to play/collect another game or period this year?

KOW Vanguard – Mantic Games ( Rex)

War of the Roses Inspiration; “7th Son” on Youtube (Dan)



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