Offensive Miniatures Ltd Ed Figures review

Join Dan as he reviews the forthcoming Offensive Miniatures British Airborne medic/ casualty vignette, drop container and sniper miniatures. Also the Ltd Ed Tropical Fallshirmjager with pack mule. Look forward to a how to paint video starring the British Airborne, coming soon!....

3d Printed Stalingrad fountain quick review (otpte...
Podcast EP12: The Dirty Dozen


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Monday, 18 October 2021

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Podcast EP16: End of year valhallagames awards and round up...:

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Episode 16:

Welcome to the final episode of valhallagames podcast for 2020, Join Dan and Rex as we review the products that caught our eye for 2020 also hobby update and grand plans/schemes for the new year. Lastly, it's not really Christmas until...

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