I needed some pretty specific trees in a hurry and the manufacturer the we used last time has gone out of business, so... here we go!

Reference photo
Size planning
Rough design in tinkercad
First ever attempt at sculpting the clunky initial tinker-cad file for blending and texture
The raw print...
Nice if you like Minecraft trees
After a coat of XTC 3D
After painting (mostly done)
No longer a minecraft tree!!
Making some foam flock leaves

​I'm enjoying the challenge, there are a fair few different silks coming together here!

Twitter me?
Rex's 2023 hobby goals status update


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Monday, 27 May 2024

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Podcast EP24: A chat with Jon Russell.

In this bumper episode, we are joined by Jon Russell of Warlord Games fame. In addition to his dedicated work for Warlord, Jon is a multifaceted wargamer and also veteran of many years service.

In this episode we spend time learning about Jon's wargaming pedigree, before learning more about his role at Warlord, the writing of 'Bolt Action: Korea', and Jon shares with us what he can about what Bolt Action V3 might look like, and the 'Raiders Attack!' Supplement that still has much life left in it.

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