Weathering, that wonderful mythical art of making a small plastic tanks and other vehicles look real with chipping, dirt, dust, mud, and damage. It's a new world for me as all my vehicles are either unpainted (so far) or look like they just rolled off the factory floor.

To this end I have been watching and working out what is appropriate for highly detailed "models" and what's still reasonable for nice looking "wargaming" pieces. For example in one of the videos under the link above he talks about an oil painting technique and demonstrates it, it looks very, very nice but then goes on to say that it took 5 hours (for one part of weathering on one tank), that's not for me... (it was VERY nice though!).

Anyway, to that end I have purchased the following oil paint set from Officeworks (Australia) for AU$25, most of the colors won't be useful but there should be enough in the very small tubes to do a few vehicles even with only using the ones that are suitable. I will start to get stuck in in the coming week, wish me luck.

Wargaming table (with protective anti-cat cover) p...
Late war Fallschirmjäger, the next batch


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Thursday, 23 September 2021

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