Operation Good Cause 2019 Charity project

Operation Good Cause 2019:

Donate some money to a good cause and go in the draw to win a huge painted army and a LOT of WWII wargaming rules, what's to not like?

https://goodcause2019.blogspot.com has partnered with Christchurch Wargaming Club and is running a fundraiser. All contributions will benefit the International Committee of the Red Cross. Last chance to donate an go in the draw June 6th 2019. They will make the draw on June 9th, at the public D-Day gaming event at Christchurch Wargaming Club, New Zealand.

Here are some details from their web site:

"There is a 'Contribute' button to the right. [when viewed from the desktop web version] Click it and decide how much money you would like to give. We are accepting New Zealand Dollar, since that is where we are base. each $2 (NZ) you contribute will give you one lot in the draw. And multiples give you multiple lots, for example 5 lots for $10 (NZ) or 25 lots for $50 (NZ).

Our final count is quite impressive, with 136 infantry, 7 tanks, 2 armoured cars, 2 guns, 5 transports, and 4 different rule sets!

Detail that's:

  • 70 Airborne
  • 41 Army
  • 25 Rangers
  • 1 57mm ATG
  • 1 75mm pack howitzer
  • 2 M3 Halftracks
  • 2 Jeeps
  • 2 Truck
  • 1 M5 Stuart
  • 1 M8 Scott
  • 3 M4A4 Sherman
  • 1 M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman
  • 1 M10 Wolverine
  • 2 M8/M20 Armored Cars
  • Bolt Action 2nd Edition book
  • Chain of Command book
  • What a Tanker book
  • Battlegroup Panzergrenadier book including Battle for the Mediterranean and Battle for the West supplements"

For more information go to:
An additional writeup is here:

Note: Valhallagames isn't a partner of this venture, we are just sharing what sounds like a really great idea.


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