Rubicon Asia pacific web site is open now

Rubicon Asia pacific web site is open now:

Prices appear to be similar to other online suppliers. However we at Valhallagame's would urge you to consider where you spend your money. Consider who is supplying sponsorship of your events and who is providing a place for you to play at (if that's your situation). Where can you go to get that last paint you need urgently (again if that's your situation) consider spending at least some of your war-game budget with them.

Either way, Rubicon makes perhaps the best 1/56 miniature vehicles available and the ability to get the models that they only sell themselves like weapon upgrades etc will be great.

"No Surrender 2020" Bolt Action Event.
OTP 3D printed terrain review and voucher


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Saturday, 05 December 2020

Latest podcast

Podcast EP13: "Freeze Frame"...:

The latetst podcast episode is live now. This should appear in your podcast app if you have subscribed (Search for valhallagames podcast in your app) or you can listen on the web player here

Episode 13:

Join Rex and Dan in this episode of the Valhallagames podcast where we talk miniature photography (a LOT of miniature photography!). Note the show times below if you want to skip over parts that aren't relevant to you or your camera type.

In our usual segments we also talk hobby, plastic and metal lust and what we are reading and looking forward to playing.

Timestamps and "show notes"  here