Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 3 PDF issues for free!

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy are giving away 3 D-Day themed PDF issues of their great magazine for free! grab them at this link:


$0 for three issues only for the next 3 days.

Contains three PDF issues of 'mixed-style' WSS with the following 'dossiers' and theme:

Dossier: D-Day

The Normandy Landing: D-Day, Hour-H
Band of Brothers: WWII Scenarios
Improve your knowledge of D-Day
Heavy Plastic: 20-mm (1/72 - 1/76) Models for WWII
Bunker: How to make one step by step

Dossier: Panzers in Normandy, 1944

The Organization of the Panzer Division
The 12th SS Hitlerjugend: Counterattack at Caen, 7 June 1944
Day One of Operation Epsom: 26 June 1944
Reading Guide on the Panzers in Normandy

Theme: Airborne Operations of WWII

The Evolution of airborne operations
Brecourt Manor
Crossing the Meredet
Gran Sasso
Project Platoon
Death from above – suitable miniatures for WW2 Airborne
Dead Man's Corner – painting the cover vignette'

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Warlord special: Transport plus a sprue deal

Warlord transport plus a sprue deal:


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Bolt Action Battle Report: The Battle for Mottola

Op Slapstick-Italy '43; The concluding second part of the mini campaign, German FJ vs British....

10 September, 1943. Operation "Slapstick".

British Paratroopers from 156 Parachute Bn, having seized Key strategic points of entry into Mottola , now assault the German Fallschirmjager defenders in strength in what becomes a bloody battle for the town.

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Podcast EP6: Painting work-flow

Podcast EP6 is live now: Painting work-flow, this should appear in your podcast app if you have subscribed (Search for valhallagames podcast in your app) or you can listen on the web player here

Episode 6:

In this episode Rex and Dan discuss painting work-flow we each describe how we go about the process and share any tips. Beginning miniature wargame painters will get loads out of this episode and if you're a veteran painter you might even find a gem or two. We also chat about the results of last month's "Reasonable hobby challenge".

Show-notes are located here while you are there we hope you will give us some feedback (tell us where we are going wrong :-)) and perhaps send us photos of your best paint job.

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