Coming soon - discount voucher for 3d printed terrain

Coming soon - Valhallagames has secured a site wide discount voucher for 3d printed terrain for our subscribers and community. This is from an Australian 3D print provider (with hundreds of products). 

Details to be revealed soon. :-)

Is Warlord looking at a re-sculpted British Army b...
Next podcast less than a week away...


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Saturday, 05 December 2020

Latest podcast

Podcast EP13: "Freeze Frame"...:

The latetst podcast episode is live now. This should appear in your podcast app if you have subscribed (Search for valhallagames podcast in your app) or you can listen on the web player here

Episode 13:

Join Rex and Dan in this episode of the Valhallagames podcast where we talk miniature photography (a LOT of miniature photography!). Note the show times below if you want to skip over parts that aren't relevant to you or your camera type.

In our usual segments we also talk hobby, plastic and metal lust and what we are reading and looking forward to playing.

Timestamps and "show notes"  here