Dan's 2024 Hobby Goals List

Hope you had a chance to check out the video on YouTube showing shelves full of work needing to be done! if not, check it out here:



Colour/ Key;


In progress

EW= Early War

LW= Late War


Historical WW2


EW Krupp Protze  IN PROGRESS- Assembled, base coated 

Sdkfz 234 with variant parts AS ABOVE


Sdkfz 251 D x3 AS ABOVE 

Sdkfz 251 C Pioneerwagon 

Lorraine Shlepper AS ABOVE 


EW Pak 36- & Crew  IN PROGRESS- base coated

EW Leig 38 & winter crew variants – removable crew



Pz Lehr MMG

Pz Lehr Sniper team

Winter dismounted Pz Crew

Sdkfz 232

EW MG34 MMG removable crew IN PROGRESS 

EW infantry x 32 IN PROGRESS

Detail 112 x EW infantry 

LW Grenadiers x 70

DAK infantry x 50

Pz Lehr infantry x25

Luftwaffe 88 crew x 7 IN PROGRESS

Waffen SS inf x 65

" " Nebelwerfer – removable crew

"" Pak 40 – removable crew

"" MMG x2

" " Med Mortar – removable crew

Heer pak 40 with summer and winter crews -removable

Last levy infantry ( Berlin) x 20

Luftwaffe tropical ground crew x 5

Mike's Downed Luftwaffe Aircrew ( basing and detailing only) COMPLETED

Stuka x1

Fallshirmjager infantry x 70

''Med Mortar removable crew

" Pz shrek team

" Sniper team

" Flamethrower team

" mule handler and mule x1

Opel blitz fuel bowser truck-  In process of assembly

Heer weapons teams

British Airborne;

Vehicle crew x 30

Polsten guns x 9

6 pounders and crew x 3

6 pounders limbered x 4

Med mortars x 3

MMG teams x 3

Light Mortars x 3

Piat teams x 2

Tow jeeps x 4

17 Pounders and removable crew x 2

Infantry x 150


Sherman V x3

Sherman VC Firefly x1

Infantry in B/dress x 22

8th Army inf x 4

Bedford QLT truck ASSEMBLED 

8th Army Lee tank

Cromwell with Burlap camo ASSEMBLED 

Soviet Army;

Infantry x 100

Detail /repaint soviet infantry x 100

Rebase soviet infantry x 150

45 mm AT gun with removable & alternate ( SNI )crews x 2

MMG team

HMG team

Dog mines x 3 teams

M3 White scout car

ATK rifle


FT team

L Mortar team

Peoples militia x 12

Jeeps and crew x2


T34/76 (warlord)

T34/76 ( Rubicon)

GAZ AA/AAA trucks x 2

Soviet Naval Infantry;

Bronekator patrol boat

Infantry (Warlord) x 44

Infantry (3D prints) x 30

MMG team

HMG team

45mm AT gun and crew -removable

FT team

Standard bearers x2

ZiS 3 and crew -removable

Heavy Mortar and crew- removable

Light mortar and crew

Pz faust infantry x3


Photographer- Yevgeny Khaldei

Naval political officer x 2

SMG squad


2x collapsed parachute canopies

Urban barricades x6

Eastern Front log houses x 2

Eastern front village base

3D printed buildings x7

Additional berlin apartment building floors x2

Stalingrad tank factory & Base

Stalingrad Barmaley fountain x2

Destroyed European buildings (MDF) x2

Dock buildings and scatter-qty

IJA Tank emplacement- IN PROGRESS 

Dock crane

Lowest priority "Nice to do" list;


150 Infantry (incl teams)

Repair/paint med tank

Rebase Infantry x 100

IJA LMG relocating


6 infantry

Replace heads on 5 Coastal Div infantry

Arditi squad

MMG team for coastal div

WW2 Character models;


Otto Skorzeny

Charles Upham

We have ways characters x 2

Berlin soviet flag characters

Vasily Zaitsev

Desmond Doss & casualty

David Stirling

Jock Lewes

BA 'Stalingrad' set soviet sniper team

USMC Cappy the devil dog & Handler

Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army;

Huntsmen x 10

Helstorm Rocket battery

Outriders x 5

Head replacement on militiaman

Bear Musician model 

Wargames Foundry "Downed German aircrew".
Bolt Action Game Report: 1k Fallschirmjager (Dan) ...


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Monday, 17 June 2024

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