Fallschirmjager infantry project - Part II

Here is the latest installment of my Bolt Action Fallschirmjager. Finished except for basing this is a quick look there were 12 in total. Unlike my current Panzer IV project I'm pretty happy with these guys. How would you like to see a squad of those coming out of the orchard towards you? Thanks Dan for the super secret face paining recipes, I'll do some close ups when I have a chance so you can see the stubble. 

I have something to say about camo and washes at 28mm scale that I have learned along the way. To get the detail on that "comment" on this post and that will subscribe you to further updates on *this post*. That way I can just go on and on about it without generating extra main posts (and notifications) on the web site for others that may not be interested in this specific topic. This takes advantage of the web sites ability to subscribe to the whole site vs. the ability to subscribe just to updates (comments really) on a single blog post. And keeps all the updates and comments together.

I hope you like them, miniatures from Warlord Games and Artizan Designs (the chunky ones).

Sicily 1943 Terrain Project
Friday Photo - the Fallschirmjager bear

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Dan on Wednesday, 05 September 2018 18:09

These are truly great, very well done! really looking forward to seeing more and also seeing this in person across the table!!

:o :o These are truly great, very well done! really looking forward to seeing more and also seeing this in person across the table!!
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Monday, 21 January 2019

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