Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 3 PDF issues for free!

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy are giving away 3 D-Day themed PDF issues of their great magazine for free! grab them at this link:


$0 for three issues only for the next 3 days.

Contains three PDF issues of 'mixed-style' WSS with the following 'dossiers' and theme:

Dossier: D-Day

The Normandy Landing: D-Day, Hour-H
Band of Brothers: WWII Scenarios
Improve your knowledge of D-Day
Heavy Plastic: 20-mm (1/72 - 1/76) Models for WWII
Bunker: How to make one step by step

Dossier: Panzers in Normandy, 1944

The Organization of the Panzer Division
The 12th SS Hitlerjugend: Counterattack at Caen, 7 June 1944
Day One of Operation Epsom: 26 June 1944
Reading Guide on the Panzers in Normandy

Theme: Airborne Operations of WWII

The Evolution of airborne operations
Brecourt Manor
Crossing the Meredet
Gran Sasso
Project Platoon
Death from above – suitable miniatures for WW2 Airborne
Dead Man's Corner – painting the cover vignette'

Bolt Action D Day 75th Battle Prep; Update 3- Almo...
Rex's May "reasonable hobby goal" challenge... don...

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