Wargaming table - prologue

Wargaming table - prologue

Wargaming is a bad idea, there go I said it. It's expensive it takes limitless amounts of time and additionally it takes a lot of space perhaps a lot more than anybody else in the house might need for most other hobby's.

So I've been at war with my family about the availability of space to set up even a temporary table. Partly because as you know regardless of how temporary the table is meant to be a game that inevitably doesn't get finished turns temporary into extended and then into permanent then people (ok, mostly me) start dumping stuff there then before you know it you don't have a temporary wargaming table you have an altar to the god of household clutter sitting in your lounge room.

So this is a cause of frustration in our household and it's a barrier to actually getting any wargaming done because inevitably at 7 at night after I finished the days chores and the thought of getting out my temporary table and all my miniatures which is nicely stored away doesn't seem as appealing as it once did even perhaps at 10:30 a.m. earlier that day. So I've decided to take steps and create a semi-permanent wargaming table in the garage.

Now luckily I have a garage that is big enough to accommodate that, however it too had a huge altar in the middle of the floor to the god of household clutter so over the period of a few evenings I managed to chip that away to the point where it was just a dozen things that I didn't know what to do with

Then I purchased an 8 x 4 sheet of ply and began to look at options for a semi-permanent wargaming table I say semi-permanent because I don't have enough space to have it permanently stay in one spot. Even though I have a generous allocation of garage space (won't stop me moaning for more though) I still need to move it around so I can get other garage things done so I've decided to make some sort of a trolley on Wheels that the wargaming table will sit on. This allows me to push it round the garage as required. Added to that I live in a country where it gets up to 43 degrees in the summer time so during those months there won't be any wargaming happening at all in the garage and I will be able to bring the board inside if I get a game.

I have toyed with the idea of having a winch lift mechanism that winches the board up to the ceiling so that it is out of the way for normal everyday usage I'm holding that idea over to phase 37c of my plan for world domination.

My next challenge is that I share the garage with the cat. The cat sleeps there and creates havoc in there at night time while I'm not there to yell at it so my table needs some sort of a covering to prevent the cat from pushing things off onto the ground which apparently is a source of great enjoyment for the beast. Additionally being a garage it is dusty and I don't want all my miniatures filled up with dust so the cover will double as a dust cover.

You can track my progress here on the blog previous info here and here. (and here)

First game on the new table
Wargaming table (with protective anti-cat cover) p...

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