Around Dans wargaming room in 80 days- final result!

So, I've finished my challenge. Im really happy with what ive achieved actually... Hope its been mildly entertaining for you also? 

For those of you who are playing along at home (or just want to laugh at my folly!!). Updates are in BOLD

Tropical FJ for our book's " How to paint tropical Fallschirmjager" video, linked to our you tube page- DONE!!!

British M7 Priest SPG -DONE

5 x D&D Characters- DONE

1x goat, 2 x Cows, 1 mule, 1 German shepherd, teddy bear DONE

2 sheep, 2 Geese, 4 chickens on bases- DONE

FJ and pack mule

Para chaplain and chaplain -In Progress

5 dak infantry vehicle mounted

1 British airborne morris- DONE

SIX(!! Yes ive doubled the original number for insanity check purposes) British airborne jeeps ( various patterns & manufacturers)-DONE!

2 Airborne jeep trailers - DONE

20 Airborne jeep crew- DONE

4 x Brit airborne containers DONE

2 parachute canopies on ground DONE

Sdkfz 10/4 captured by British airborne DONE

British airborne 6 pounder DONE

British airborne Tetrarch tank- DONE

1 skaven engineer

12 skaven stormvermin

10 empire huntsmen

1 empire Hellstorm rocket battery and crew

1 empire musician/bear mascot

5 empire outriders

4 x Luftwaffe tropical ground crew

German marder III gun and crew- In progress

German schwimmwagon x 3- DONE

Assemble and paint UNIC P107 half track- IN progress

Lorraine Shlepper- In progress

Repair SS tank rider MG42 DONE

Vampire counts roadshrine

Mussolini and Skorzeny

Greater Demon of Khorne

German Vampire officer

27 Offensive,empress and westwind German Battle of Berlin 'last levy' DONE

Repair ruined keep, broken masonry DONE

3 x SW Landspeeders

Arjac rockfist

Njarl Stormcaller termi and power armour

SW Iron Priest on foot and mounted torso


18 Bloodclaws

SW HQ landraider

SW Rhino

2 x lascannon longfangs

12 plastic FJ- In Progress.

6 westwind FJ with P/Fausts DONE

6 SS pioneers DONE

7Luftwaffe Field Regt 88 crew. DONE

2 x Hungarian infantry

Soviet flag at Reichstag vignette

4 x metal offensive FJ

One thing i noticed is that I painted ZERO fantasy of Sci fi that was on the list, apart from the D&D characters. I think thats very indicative of where my main effort is at the moment, and very telling that i added many more NEW models to the list that were historical rather than painting the sci fi and fantasy on the existing list. oh well! Whatever makes one happy i guess, no point painting when its a chore, you have to be in the mood to be motivated to paint whats in front of you, or choose another project!

​I have shot a video update of my last months progress and it's up on our channel HERE:

I hope your hobby projects are going well? Let us know what youve been up to! 

Regards, Dan 

War in the North
Photos from MOAB 2022, Sydney.


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Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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