Photos from MOAB 2022, Sydney.

So after around a year of no new podcasts- we are back!! Our new episode can be found by following the links in the previous blog post. Tune in and Enjoy it.

Meanwhile, here are some photos to help you picture what we are discussing, especially in regard to the tables we've played on each game. Rex may even edit this by adding a few in here himself. Hope you enjoy the podcast and these help! 

Note that any references to 'My ' game are meaning 'Dan's', that should save confusion here for you. 

​As if by magic, the Bratwurst gods showed us a sign on the motorway on the way to the venue...the message; "Eat Brats for lunch, dudes"...

Saturday; Game 1 

​My (Dans) Table for Game 1...note after the roll off I was given the opposite side to the view shown here. Underneath is a pic of James' army. Note the super-cool objective markers discussed on the podcast!

​Rex's table for game 1...complete with free 'Rex and his opponent Tristan' for your information and viewing pleasure ;) . Tune in to hear how this one went.

The tank is gone but we must press on...

Game 2  

​My Table for game 2. I played with the near edge being my table edge. The pic below shows the game in progress, with the SDKFZ 10/4 immobilised in the centre of the table...Did it survive the game? Tune in and find out!

Rex's Game 2 

Game 3 

​My Table playing against Adam's Soviet armoured platoon. The near Edge is my Table edge. Wow this one was tough! Have a listed to the podcast as you'll find out why! Shown Below is Adam's army on his great looking display board.

Rex's Game 3 

LOTS of buildings
Soviets burst into the battle

Caught ya slipping... 

​These pics are of the purchase of the weekend... Caught ya slipping, MOAB Attendees!!....tune in to find out why and spoilers, its not for the Yu Gi Oh mags!! 

Sunday; Game 4 

​My Table for game 4. Note that Aaron didn't spend the game lying there as rough terrain, he played also.....VERY much so!!!! Find out on the episode. pics below are of the game in action on this lovely table. 

​Aarons armoured vehicles advance with apparent impunity....

(Above); ​A truly cocked dice, as it sits perfectly on its corned after being rolled....! aargh!

  Rex's Game 4

All they had to do was sit there for 6 turns and not run away...

Game 5 

​My Game in progress vs Bryan. This was around turn 3. Below you can see another view. This is a rare shot of Bryans Gurkhas ;) Centre , above right of the crossroads. 

Rex's game 5

The table
Germans on a Jungle path..
The red wave...
Two lonely Germans hold the jungle path

Prize Giving 

​The astounding and impressive prize pool for the Event. Thanks to all the sponsors, and Ian and Adrian, our TO's for their hard work in sourcing the prizes. They also gave an excellent roundup at the finish and highlight every sponsor, so sponsors you really were appreciated and players engaged in shopping with you for their needs in the future!!

The TO's
The players
The terminator, and winner of Bolt action MOAB 2022 he never got tired, never made mistakes. 

​Thanks so much to all our fellow players, the Chain of Command players we visited, and the TO's for organising   the weekend. Listen in for more details- see the previous blogpost for links. 


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