Friday Photo: To the last Bullet.

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Friday Photo: To the last Bullet.

A very nice photo by Dan,  enough to inspire a game, or perhaps a new army or even a new home made  campaign. 

Who knows what will happen over the weekend... Hopefully not just mowing lawns and chores. :-)

Bolt action "The Western Desert" Contents
The Longest Day: new bolt action "battle set"

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Sunday, 05 July 2020

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Episode 11:

Come on a gaming (and driving) adventure with Dan and Rex as we talk about and prepare for Dan's week long gaming visit to Australia.

Listen in on a behind the scenes casual chat as we make the trip from the airport to home, our plans and aspirations for the perfect week of gaming, podcasting and YouTube…ing.
Learn why if you're not playing campaigns you're doing it wrong and our challenge for you. Hear all our hobby news and discussions about Stalingrad.

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