"No Surrender 2020" Bolt Action Event.

​The No surrender Event was held a couple of weeks ago here in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

We have this event and my ( Dan) games as a feature in our next podcast, to be released soon to ( firstly) our Patrons via Patreon. Then soon afterward as a general release on your favourite podcast app and afterward, our Youtube channel. Check it out! If you are interested in receiving content such as this early and would like to help support us please feel free to click on the link on our homepage and check out our Patreon.

  Heres the pics to follow along with the podcast to find out whats going on...i better not spoil the results or fun here!! ;) 

Heres a ( poor! ) pic of my Soviet army laid out, and then a a closer shot of the vehicles i received and painted to tabletop standard quickly to get onto the table for the event
the "Tunisian" table...our battlefield for game 1; German Heer & SS vs Soviets
The "cratered" table...scene of my second game; Soviet Naval troops with armoured support vs my Soviet infantry based force
dog mines close in on their targets..whilst the burned out hulk of the SPG- that the other dog mine team has destroyed -stands witness the the battle of the grassy knoll!!!

​Game 3 vs a veteran Japanese Infantry army ..back on the Tunisian table.

Onto Day 2..starting with a Game on the "Bocage" table shown below;

And Finally...Back to the Tunisian table for the final game vs Regular British Late -war infantry...

So thats it everyone...tune in to the podcast for results and details! Thanks and we look forward to us joining us then. Dan.


Podcast EP14: Game on Dan!
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Rex on Monday, 26 October 2020 17:50

Thanks for that, I will get out my rivet counting magnifying glass later tonight!

Thanks for that, I will get out my rivet counting magnifying glass later tonight!
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Saturday, 05 December 2020

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